Friday, March 27, 2009

a week

Hi there all, it's been a very long week with out bears. The only bears I had a chance to see were at work on Thursday. As promised I've been cleaning house,
Yuck, YUCK, YUCK! :(
This is Merriam, she went to the show in the teddy bear buff, she is now waiting for her frock.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Day at the Show

It's 7:45 Monday morning and The Sydney Teddy-Bear Affair has come and gone, "running around like a blue ass fly" for 6 weeks payed off. I had a lovely day, met and made several new friends and for a hermet like me that's a really big deal. I couldn't have done it with out the ever helpful hand of Ellen-Rose my wonderful daughter, who out did herself again, maning the table like a trojan, charming a-many avid bear collector and generally making the day a real joy.
Thank you to Melisa, who as usual made the day enjoyable & so much fun. To the wonderful collectors that purchased my bears it was so amazing to see so many smiles and to know that my little fury guys touched your hearts :) To all the other Bear Artists, thank you for your kind words and much needed support, you all really made my day shine.
I'm a very happy old bear!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

My new car

I through you might like to see my new car. His name is Humphrey after my late DAD. I'm the 3rd owner and his in excellent condition considering his 35. BUT the very best thing is that he's Pale Teddy Gold. The manual calls the colour mustard but ! Behind is JAC he belongs to Ellie and has a small rust problem. We now own 5 'V'dubs and enough spears to build an other. The oldest is RAT 1958 to mine 1974. Most of them work, one is even having its roof chopped off. But Humphrey's the best "I'm not bias in any way"

Shabby Tabbys

I finished Tigger from my Shabby Tabby Range last night. He has gold "buzzard eyes" and they really do the job. His tongue is made from ultra suede, air brushed and lightly sculpted. I started with soft yellow mohair and air brushed his Tigger bits. I took him to work to day to show my class and guess what ?
I sold him.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another One Down

Tuesday morning, and another one down. Here's Leola sitting on my work table waiting for her crystal butterfly necklace.This fur came from Lou fur and I really like the way it made up. I used a red brown copic pen for the shadows on the seams and a grey brown around her eyes. This is the second set of eyes she's had, as the first where mauve buzzard eyes (beautiful eyes), but not quite the look I was after. The soft doe look suites her better!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

one down

I would just like to share Lilah with you all. I finished her this morning and I'm very please with how she turned out. I hand dyed the tulle and fur to match, the flowers are real velvet.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's been a long week.

It's been one of those weeks!!
Alyssa came down with a heavy head cold and had Monday and Tuesday off. Davie had to have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off due to a tummy bug. Wednesday, Duncan hobbled home from school with a banged up knee. You would think maybe from sport, but no his friend kicked him in it and bent it back wards,
Just great.
I went off to work on Thursday and had a lovely peacefull day teaching teddy's and their makers, to come home to find Ellie needed to be picked up early from work with a tummy bug. So this week I've been Nurse first and bear maker second. I had a full day of teaching yesterday ( Saturday) and again had a great day.
The Sydney Teddy Bear Affair is approaching fast, 22nd March. I will have to put bear making into top gear to finish all I have planned. I have a few bears that only need a little work and they will be finished. I'm 1\2 way through a ballerina like Lola. pictured above.

Glad to say all patients are better or mending well. :)