Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's Happening in June

Lets see,

Theses little souls made the long trip to their new home in England. I hear that they are very happy but very confused about the cold weather.

Ellie left uni and started her new career as a baker.

My wonderful Hubby turned the big ---50

I released Georgie Girl and her friend George as a pattern .

In the pattern there is a girl bear, a boy bear, shift, overalls and knitted cardie.

Available from Teddy's Bits and
Bear Essence and as a download from Bearwildered Bears. @ $22.50.

The announcement of my August - September work shops,

7th and 8th of August Georgette, (above) at Teddy's Bits.

28th and 29th of August and the 31st and 1st of September,
Gabbie and Gracie, (picture to come) little sisters to Georgie at Bear Essence.
I will not be realising Gabbie and Gracie as a pattern in the near further.

Tomorrow Duncan starts his butcher's apprenticeship.

yeah I know, A butcher and baker-------

just glad that Alyssa is thinking about a career in art :0)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adding to my Herd

There's two reasons or should I say three, that you haven't HERD from me for a while.

I was very unlucky and got glandular fever early this year and it knocked me right on my bum.

Being so sick made my Bi-polar worse and we had to increase my meds.

Not a very nice time at all.
At the end of April the very best kind of medication
arrived in the form of Tontoand Bailie.
My best friend Mel needed to send them down
after she sold 30 of her 60 acres. I wanted to hold
off cause of Inka's age but she has never been
happier.She is still very feisty girl and bosses the
boys around constantly.
Bailie is the
son of Inka
and will turn 11 this year,
Inka is in her 30's and still with us.

Tonto is the son of Cassie
who passed awayat 33,
4 years ago.
Tonto will turn 10 this year.

David explains it best, when he said
"all you need to make me happy is a ton of horse"

my meds are back to the old doses :0)
The horses are a great way to loose weight too, I've dropped a dress size :0))

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

so its the New Year.

Hey I'm only 6 months behind now.

Ellie and I arrived back at Bear essence in February. It was soooo verrry goood to have my Ellie there to help.

We tag team taught for over a week
(with days off in between work shops)

Baby June arrived in Bear Tails also in February, finishing of the trio of April, May & Baby June.

March brought the Sydney Teddy Bear Affair. My Favorite show of them all. This year I had some very good help, in my 81 year old Mum and her 85 yer old sister. I had so much fun with them as we cackled the day away. The most exciting part of the day was when I arrived back to my stand to find that the Galls laughing and giggling and very proud, cause they had been selling bears

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back Again

Just for a change I though I might post a note or two, he he he .
Well the last time we spoke was around September, so lets catch up.
I went down to Bear Essence in September, To teach some work-shops in their brand new shop, its like the Dolls House I always wanted so so pretty. It was so great to have Monica Spicer ( yeah I'm a name dropper) in the classwe laugh our self silly and the two of us are now known as Tweedle-Dump and Tweedle-Dee.
If you would like a closer look at Monica's bear go to
The end of the year was the normal rush, clatter and bang. I don't handle big crowds to well so my shopping is always done early. It was so hot here that we all treasured the lower temp. on Christmas Day its self.
So To All My Good Friends
Happy Christmas and a Merrrry New Year