Saturday, February 21, 2009

One off these things is not like the others

Last Monday I dyed loads of mohair, in 7 co-ordinating colours, in 3 different pile lengths for the Sydney Bear Affair. I have great plains for sets friends. Just my normal "Story Book Buddy's", smiling bears and rabbits with the addition of pouting bears and elephants. Also, Ellie would like some mice and Alyssa would like pandas. I would like an extra set of hands.

The show is approaching at a very fast rate and as normal I'm in complete panic mode. Sewing like a mad woman, running around trying to find the right trimmings and flowers that a little buddy might need, rummaging through box after box of goodies that have been stashed away for just the right occasion. I've also been knitting little cardigans for them to wear,
most buttoned up wrong.
So do you think I was surprise when my faithful little companion made himself OH SO very comfortable in my pile of newly dyed mohair?
"But you did put this here for ME? 'cause I'm sooo special"
I did have to look twice to see Buster there he blended so well with the mohair. Now you know where my inspiration comes from. I'm off to air bush, bears not Buster.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Bit Teary

Good morning Guys. (The pic is of Davie & Ellie)
Today I'm a bit teary as my brave hubby has gone off to fight
the FIRES in Victoria. He will be gone till Saturday afternoon and with the death of a volunteer yesterday I'm a little worried.
I know he is smart BUT, well you know! It's something he has to do & he has been trained in all types of hazards but I still worry. Too all the others in Victoria my love & hope goes to you all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I would just like to thank all my new blogger friends.

My whole family is into computers except me. My eldest daughter introduced me to shopping on the net. Boy was that a bad move, the card is always full now! But other than that I have only ever used the computer as a great big word processor.

Now that I have the hang of it, it's your enthusiasm that motivating me. I get so excited when I see a new message or follower.

So thank you to all my new blogger friends.

"you even put up with my bad spelling"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time to catch up

It's been awhile since I last blogged.
Ive been busy teaching bears most of this week & then one rush Valentine's day order.
Thanks to hubby, who told me about the order Tuesday night & that it was needed for Thursday. He also kept the money cause, as he said, " it 's the closest he would ever come to getting any of the money that I have spent on bears back".
Hey he's right you know.
" I think of it as a kind of finders fee. "
Davie called this little guy AB. I was really pleased with his Vampire teeth. Mark, who ordered him for his new girl friend loves his red nose.

Above I popped in a picture of my work spot. I have started making so many bears that the bears & I don't fit in my sewing room any more. We now all live in the family room. Ellie has joined me there with her sewing machine so I can help her went she gets stuck. I'm enjoying her company, I can bounce my ideas off her & I'm her "talking pattern instructions" It's working out well. I do miss her on the days that she works however but I tend to achieve much more on those days.
As you can see I'm a messy bear maker but I do like to be able to reach every thing from where I sit. Well It's well passed Ten in the morning & I have 3 bears 1\2 made, better get to it & finish them .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bye-bye to My William

At the show on Sunday I was chatting to a lovely lady. We talked for some time about her collection of antique bears. I enjoyed lessening to her interesting stories about them , while we where talking she was constantly picking up My William, straightening his over sized jumper & looking at his sweet little knees. He has elbows under that big jumper too!

My William has always been one of my favorite little guys. He would often keep me company while I made bears. I even made him a small pair of boots that look like Doc Martens.
After awhile she passed him to me & said " I'll take William home with me , he's just the little man to brighten up the spot between some of my antiques bears". I kiss William on the fuzzy forehead & waved goodbye. As I watched him disappear with the lady, she raised him to her face & gave him a really big kiss right on his nose.
This made me feel all warm & gooey inside cause My William was off to a good home where he will be loved "a lot".

All better now

Well my fingers are finally better, with some extra calluses just to improve my bear making, the more you have, the less likely you are of needing a thimble. I find it so hard to keep one on my finger anyway.

This is the little bear I started on the week end. I had a name for her last night? & didn't write it down, now its completely slipped my mind ( I sometimes wounder what mind since mines been missing for some time now). So when I remember I'll let you in on it too.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun at the show

It's now Tuesday, 2 days since the Heavenly Stitches Show & 2 days not sewing bears. I'm suffering from horrible bear making withdrawals, but my fingers are healing nicely.

I made 8 new bears in a week for the show & my hands are really suffering, not to mention all the ignored house work & grocery shopping I didn't do.

Thank goodness for supportive husbands.

I'm hoping to pick up my needle & thread this afternoon far to many bears running around in my head not to be sewing & there's not enough room up there for to many misbehaving bears
This little guy didn't even make the show as Duncan (my 16 year old son) snavelled it for his girlfriend Crystal.

Welcome to my blog!

Well I'm very pleased to welcome you to my blog about my life and my creations Bearwildered Bears. As I'm very new to this you will have to "Bear" with me - pardon the pun!! - but I would love to start by introducing you to one of my newest little friends Bumble.
He is from my latest line of concept bears, and is just so happy to be meeting you all.
Don't forget to stop by again, as I'm sure to get the hang of this soon.