Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a bearwildered pair

I've been catching up on orders this past week, and need to share this bearwildered pair of friends with you. I've had so much fun making them, that now its hard to part with them. They are for a very special lady that shares my passion for bears as well as chocolate.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

To blonde to be black

The blondest black dog in the world is having a bad week.

Rosie not quite three

Rosie's ear had been worrying her at bit, it was a little itchy. I just thought that she had a mozzie bite or may be a flee bite but when it swelled up to the size of an extra head over night we were of to the vet. It seemed that she had scratched so hard she broke a blood vessel inside her ear and that had formed a hematoma, :'o(

So that afternoon she had it drained. There was so much extra skin that the Vet had to stitch through her ear and hold it in place with ten buttons.

"now she looks like I've been working on her"

Yesterday was Sunday, she went for her daily run with her sister Lillie and when she returned I noticed alot of blood and then the EXTRA whole in her tummy. You could fit your thumb in it though none of us actually tried that. She was in shock and I had to keep pressure on it whilst Davie made an emergency call to the Vet. Dave had done a first aid course so we patched her up with a bandaid instructed by the Vet and shes having another trip to the Vet today.

I think they will reserve a bed for her from now on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

part 2, its not really pink

Well here she is little Josey ready for the work shop.

She has two out fits because I couldn't work out if she looked better in Peach or Mauve. I'm a peach girl myself, Ellie & Alyssa are mauve girls.

what do you think?
I'm 18cm tall "on my tippy toes"

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's not really PINK,

I was having one of those days, You see I have bipolar, most days my bears & meds keep my head out of those dark places but yesterday I could hardly see the light.
I knew I had to do a bear for an up coming work shop and was trying really hard to create the image that was in my head. The first bear I made was going to be to big for the one day work shop and I had put far to much work in the hat the ladies would have a fit, fun but a fit. So I set the head & hat aside and tried again.
The bear was 20% smaller and as I work my day became brighter.

This little face emerged and lifted my day.

Not the bear I was after for the needle felted hat and jacket work shop. But a real BLESSING she made my day.
So I started the 3rd bear and have most of her finished, all I need to do is her jacket. Will post her in part 2 of "it's not really pink.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

and I was worried about flying

Above is Carol, Fern's finished bear and Fern.
After all that worry I fell asleep on the plane "he he he".
I had a wonderful time. All the girls where lovely and very enthusiastic. Kim from Bear Essence has pictures of every ones finish bears you must go and have a look, It is a whole dance troop of elegantly beautiful ballerinas

Urenda and ME