Monday, October 19, 2009

Miss Edwina Workshop

Here we are 2/3's of the way through October, where do the days go, I wish knew. Mine are a muddle of mohair, ultra suede, velvet flowers and lace. Nice place to be till you look up and see a kitchen full of dishes and dust bunnies that may just carry you off.

I try not to look away from my teddy bear table to often the site is just to frightening. The mohair has such a soothing affect. Much nicer to look at.

At the moment I'm very much in love with Helmbold's 5/8 sparse signature finish in Sand. It's what I used to make Miss Edwina in. All the colours are fab but Old Ivory is spectacular too.

Better go still have to pack the kits for the work shop. I could only get enough lace and antique flowers for ten, ahhhh but what a beautiful ten they'll be. :0]


  1. I have a good house clean once a week and try to keep it at bay for the rest by cleaning things as I go along But I much prefer to be making things and mess :-D Miss Edwina is gorgeous.

  2. Perfect colours and style. Love her!

  3. House work YUK !!!!

    Miss Edwina is gorgeous have a lovely workshop (wish I was coming)

    Hugs and kisses


  4. Edwina Bear is so full of character! She is adorable and her dress is suburb...I love her!
    Blessings and Bear Hugs,
    Bramblewood Bears

  5. Gorgeous!!! Waaaaaaaaay better than housecleaning. :)

  6. what a beautiful bear,i've not seen one like her before,gorgeous colours