Thursday, September 10, 2009

I flew all by myself.

I've just come home from a wonderful trip to Melbourne :o)

I went down to teach 3 x 1 day work shops and had an absolute ball. All the lovely girls there always make me feel so much at home. I have found several long lost sister and I'm sure some of us where even separated at birth.
I know its been a while since we're talked but it has been so hectic here.
I have quite a lot of orders that I'm slowly getting through, Then I jetted of to Melbourne, while I was down there I finished The little galls pictured below for "Bear Tails". Their names are "April, May and Baby June".

I'm now working on "Trinket" the baby Elephant for "Bear Creations". I have a show on the 20th of September and still have no bears made for that :o( Then I fly out to Melbourne early November for a "Flakey the Kitten", "Buster the Puppy" and "Edwina" dressed in Sense and Sensibility \ Georgena Style work shops. Fly home Tuesday night and have a show at Mittagong on Sunday the 15Th, and still no bears made :o((

I think I may be a little bit busy!

All this for a person that was afraid to fly by herself. I'm now the jet setting Queen. Even sewing on the plane. So if you don't hear from me for a while you will know where I am. I'll keep popping picture up so you can see what I've been working on.


  1. I can see you are becoming quite the jetsetter!! BTW Where did you hold your workshops in Melbourne, Merilyn?

  2. These photos of your work are terrific. Love the faces on the bear family! By the way, how big are those snails? The detail in the beading and needlework is fabulous and must have taken you quite a while.

  3. SOOOOO dang cute!!! You are a busy busy girl and very much the jetsetter. Love the pics!

  4. Do you by chance sell the snail pattern? I just have to make one for my studio, it is adorable.

  5. Lovely snails! Do you sell the pattern?