Monday, June 7, 2010

Back Again

Just for a change I though I might post a note or two, he he he .
Well the last time we spoke was around September, so lets catch up.
I went down to Bear Essence in September, To teach some work-shops in their brand new shop, its like the Dolls House I always wanted so so pretty. It was so great to have Monica Spicer ( yeah I'm a name dropper) in the classwe laugh our self silly and the two of us are now known as Tweedle-Dump and Tweedle-Dee.
If you would like a closer look at Monica's bear go to
The end of the year was the normal rush, clatter and bang. I don't handle big crowds to well so my shopping is always done early. It was so hot here that we all treasured the lower temp. on Christmas Day its self.
So To All My Good Friends
Happy Christmas and a Merrrry New Year

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