Sunday, July 19, 2009

To blonde to be black

The blondest black dog in the world is having a bad week.

Rosie not quite three

Rosie's ear had been worrying her at bit, it was a little itchy. I just thought that she had a mozzie bite or may be a flee bite but when it swelled up to the size of an extra head over night we were of to the vet. It seemed that she had scratched so hard she broke a blood vessel inside her ear and that had formed a hematoma, :'o(

So that afternoon she had it drained. There was so much extra skin that the Vet had to stitch through her ear and hold it in place with ten buttons.

"now she looks like I've been working on her"

Yesterday was Sunday, she went for her daily run with her sister Lillie and when she returned I noticed alot of blood and then the EXTRA whole in her tummy. You could fit your thumb in it though none of us actually tried that. She was in shock and I had to keep pressure on it whilst Davie made an emergency call to the Vet. Dave had done a first aid course so we patched her up with a bandaid instructed by the Vet and shes having another trip to the Vet today.

I think they will reserve a bed for her from now on.


  1. Poor Rosie...not such a good weekend for her. Hope all goes well at the Vet today and she recovers quickly. Sending a big cuddle Rosie's way!

  2. Oh, poor sweetie! She looks so forlorn. I hope she recovers soon. It's always so sad when our four-legged family members are under the weather--it makes one feel rather helpless.

  3. YIKES!!! Hope she is OK!!! Our Calvin had trouble with his ear too, he was in 3 times to have it fixed. The last time the vet stitched huge buttons through both sides. Poor babies! No hole in the tummy for Cal though, hope Your black haired blondie is feeling better soon.

  4. Poor sweet Rosie. She does look like she's not feeling too well and really doesn't want her picture taken right now, thank you. I hope she's feeling better soon.

    When we had 4 dogs at once it seemed we were always in with one or all of them...actually, we were. Our vet said he'd just told his desk girls to check with the Waggles every evening before closing shop just to make sure we weren't going to rush one in at the last minute.

    They do worry us so.