Thursday, July 9, 2009

and I was worried about flying

Above is Carol, Fern's finished bear and Fern.
After all that worry I fell asleep on the plane "he he he".
I had a wonderful time. All the girls where lovely and very enthusiastic. Kim from Bear Essence has pictures of every ones finish bears you must go and have a look, It is a whole dance troop of elegantly beautiful ballerinas

Urenda and ME


  1. Hey Merilyn, glad to see you had fun down in chilly old Melbourne!:) I bet all the girls had a great time and learnt lots, you have so much knowledge to share!
    Kim's girls are great too aren't they?

  2. hi Karen, Kim's girls are realy great
    I'll see you in Aug
    hugs merilyn

  3. Thanks Merilyn. I really enjoy the class. I learned alot about spray paint. Thanks for the bears too... they are now all sitting in my glass cupboard.