Monday, July 13, 2009

It's not really PINK,

I was having one of those days, You see I have bipolar, most days my bears & meds keep my head out of those dark places but yesterday I could hardly see the light.
I knew I had to do a bear for an up coming work shop and was trying really hard to create the image that was in my head. The first bear I made was going to be to big for the one day work shop and I had put far to much work in the hat the ladies would have a fit, fun but a fit. So I set the head & hat aside and tried again.
The bear was 20% smaller and as I work my day became brighter.

This little face emerged and lifted my day.

Not the bear I was after for the needle felted hat and jacket work shop. But a real BLESSING she made my day.
So I started the 3rd bear and have most of her finished, all I need to do is her jacket. Will post her in part 2 of "it's not really pink.


  1. She is a sweetie and I am glad to hear the creative process lifted your spirits.

  2. It's really amazing what creating teddies can do ... this little sweetie lifted my spirits too!

  3. She's a sweetie. I have those days, too.

  4. Thank you girls, it mean alot to me to know your out there.
    Fuzzy hugs Merilyn