Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time to catch up

It's been awhile since I last blogged.
Ive been busy teaching bears most of this week & then one rush Valentine's day order.
Thanks to hubby, who told me about the order Tuesday night & that it was needed for Thursday. He also kept the money cause, as he said, " it 's the closest he would ever come to getting any of the money that I have spent on bears back".
Hey he's right you know.
" I think of it as a kind of finders fee. "
Davie called this little guy AB. I was really pleased with his Vampire teeth. Mark, who ordered him for his new girl friend loves his red nose.

Above I popped in a picture of my work spot. I have started making so many bears that the bears & I don't fit in my sewing room any more. We now all live in the family room. Ellie has joined me there with her sewing machine so I can help her went she gets stuck. I'm enjoying her company, I can bounce my ideas off her & I'm her "talking pattern instructions" It's working out well. I do miss her on the days that she works however but I tend to achieve much more on those days.
As you can see I'm a messy bear maker but I do like to be able to reach every thing from where I sit. Well It's well passed Ten in the morning & I have 3 bears 1\2 made, better get to it & finish them .


  1. What a fabulous little character. I'm a messy bearmaker too, tidy is not a word that is used in our house often.

  2. Merilyn, AB is just too CUTE!!! Love him...and his little teeth.

  3. Hi there, just worked out that I could send mesages back at this "post a comment" box thingey
    you have to remenber I'm very very new to the 21st centry.