Saturday, February 21, 2009

One off these things is not like the others

Last Monday I dyed loads of mohair, in 7 co-ordinating colours, in 3 different pile lengths for the Sydney Bear Affair. I have great plains for sets friends. Just my normal "Story Book Buddy's", smiling bears and rabbits with the addition of pouting bears and elephants. Also, Ellie would like some mice and Alyssa would like pandas. I would like an extra set of hands.

The show is approaching at a very fast rate and as normal I'm in complete panic mode. Sewing like a mad woman, running around trying to find the right trimmings and flowers that a little buddy might need, rummaging through box after box of goodies that have been stashed away for just the right occasion. I've also been knitting little cardigans for them to wear,
most buttoned up wrong.
So do you think I was surprise when my faithful little companion made himself OH SO very comfortable in my pile of newly dyed mohair?
"But you did put this here for ME? 'cause I'm sooo special"
I did have to look twice to see Buster there he blended so well with the mohair. Now you know where my inspiration comes from. I'm off to air bush, bears not Buster.


  1. Those colours are devine. What dyes do you use? I love dying mohair, fruit tea and kool aid are favourites.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I use Landscapes dyes, thay are made for dying silk & wool & used by the spinner, felters & weavers.
    I bring a cup of water to the boil & add 2 teaspoons of dye to the boiling water. Continue to boil till all the dye has disolved. Use the dye straight away by adding it to aprox 1\2 liter of water or store it in a glass jar for when you do need it. I also dye my #8 pearl nose\crochet threads & #5 pearl cotton for knitting in Landscapes. Its fun to dye these mulit coloured, 3 or 4 colours in seperate shot glasses & divide the thread between them.
    Why don't you visit my dear friend Jenny @
    loads of great big bear hug Merilyn

  3. Wow Merilyn thats great. To be honest, I've never seen such lovley colours. Really they look gorgeous. Thanks x

  4. By memory the colours are, Broome, Heath, Dusk, Mountain Mist?, Coral, Cloud Ears, Rye & Moss?
    l-o-b-h- Merilyn

  5. Oh my word, the colors are lovely and Buster is absolutely adorable. You did dye all that mohair for his new bed, didn't you? ;)

  6. Yer, Buster is the best. I know it sounds silly when I say his one of my best friends but he knows how I feel before I do some days & he is always glad to see me.